Top 3 Rowing Machine Workouts for Beginners

As a beginner is any type of sport or physical activity, you have to be careful about the pace at which you move and the difficulty of the exercise in order to stay safe and not pull a muscle or produce any type of damage to your body. Seeing how the rowing machine is the best workout equipment as it provides many health benefits and it ensures that your entire body receives a hearty workout, we had to do an article about effective rower workouts for beginners. Thus, no matter if you own a rowing machine or you go to the gym to benefit from using it, make sure that you follow the workout routines that we will present in the following lines as they are beginner-friendly, perfect for people who don’t have the best physical shape and stamina.

#1 – 20-Minute Workout

If you have never rowed before, this 20-minute workout routine is the perfect choice for you to go with as it helps you ease into the workout session. Thus, fatigue won’t occur and you won’t strain your body either when opting for this program.

Warming Up

First, we will start with the warm-up routine that you must perform. Begin with a session of arm-only rows, meaning that you need to sit tall with the legs and arms straight and pull the elbows back and down to reach the final position of the stroke. This is an exercise that you must repeat for 30 seconds. Next, turn to the hinge of the body, meaning that you should add to the previous exercise a forward-and-back body movement, slightly leaning the back when pulling the arms to your chest. Do this exercise for another 30 seconds. The third warm-up exercise is the half slide where, in addition to what you did in the previous exercise, you must bend your knees and drive them straight when you bring your body to the finish position. This exercise must be repeated for 30 seconds as well. The final part of the warm-up routine consists of adding to the previous exercise full strokes so that you may get accustomed with the manner in which your body will move during the actual workout. When doing full strokes, fully bend the knees and bright yourself all the way to the “catch” position, driving the legs straight and pulling your arms to the chest to complete the movement. Just like with the other exercises, repeat it for 30 seconds.

The Workout

Now let’s move on to the actual workout. For 1 minute, slowly row full strokes, aiming for the drive to take you one second and for the recovery to take two seconds. Alternate between rowing with strong pressure and rowing with medium pressure when you’re feeling good with your full strokes. The best way to maintain a good ratio between the drive and the recovery is to do an equal number of strong pressure strokes and medium pressure strokes. Do 5 total series, in the first series doing 10 of each type of strokes, in the second doing 15, in the third doing 20, in the fourth doing 15, and finishing with a series of 10 strokes of each type. The next workout exercise to take up is to split up the time. Do 5 sets of this exercise, in the first set doing 30 seconds of strong pressure strokes and 30 seconds of light pressure strokes, in the second set doing 60 seconds of strong pressure and 30 seconds of light pressure, in the third set doing 90 seconds of strong pressure and 30 of light pressure, in the fourth doing 60 seconds of strong pressure and 30 of light pressure, and in the final set, doing 30 seconds for each type of strokes.

The Cool Down

Now we’re almost done with the exercise, turning to the final stage that you must go through, more precisely the cooldown. For 1 minute, row continuously at a slow pace. When the time passes, spend 2 minutes to stretch your arms, legs, and back, relaxing your body after the hearty workout session so that you won’t have muscle fever.

#2 – Beginner-Friendly HIIT Sprints

A fast and effective rowing machine workout for beginners is a low-level HIIT sprints workout. It takes about 40 minutes to perform the HIIT workout, including the warm-up and the cool down, and around 300 calories should be burned when performing it. The warm-up consists of 10 minutes of continuous easy rowing. Then comes the exercise itself, being composed of 3 different intervals. Do a 30-second sprint on the rower and rest for 30 seconds when you’re done. Repeat the exercise for 5 rounds, and do 2 minutes of air squats. In the second interval, do 30 seconds of sprint on the rower, resting for 30 seconds afterward. Repeat 5 rounds and do 2 minutes of push-ups when you’re done. In the third interval, you must do a 30-second sprint followed by 30 seconds of resting, repeating 5 series that you end with 2 minutes of air squats. When you’re done with the final interval, do 5-7 minutes of cool down by rowing at a slow pace.

#3 – Lean Leapfrog Adapted for Beginners

The lean leapfrog takes about 46 minutes and it’s one of the most effective workout routines that you could turn to when it comes to the amount of calories that will be burned, helping you shed approximately 700 calories if done correctly. Start with a 10-minute warm-up where you continuously row at a slow and easy pace. Afterward, do 1 minute of sprint rowing followed by 1 minute of resting, and repeat for 4 more rounds. When the interval is over, take a 2-minute break where you rest, and repeat the interval two more times. At the end, cool down by rowing for a couple of minutes at an easy pace and stretch your body a little bit.

How Fast Will Your Fitness Level Improve?

One of the reasons why rowing machines are so sought after is because they actually deliver impressive results the fastest. Your fitness level is sure to improve after only a few months, moment when you can switch to more demanding workouts with the machine. As long as you stick to a regular workout program and you follow a healthy diet, changing your lifestyle by doing so, you will inevitably improve not only the way you look but the way you feel as well. Also, you will be able to push your body to new limits, which is surely going to help you be more positive about your image.