Tips for Buying Spa Furniture and Equipment

Opening a spa is not easy. There are a million things to consider, from buying the right spa furniture and equipment to creating an overall space that inspires relaxation and mindfulness. When designing such a space, it is essential to keep in mind why people go to the spa. They go there to leave their worries behind, to recharge their batteries and to improve their appearance. To create a space that achieves these purposes, keep in mind the following suggestions.

1. Start with a design theme

Before you start buying the spa furniture and equipment, you need to choose a design theme. Whether you go for a Zen theme with natural elements and warm colors, or you go for a minimalist theme with Scandinavian influences, it is essential to know what your theme implies and stick with it all the way. For example, if you choose a Zen theme, use beige or gray for the walls, use a lot of wood and stones, and try to integrate a lot of plants in the overall decor.

2. Choose spa furniture that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing

The main pieces of spa furniture that you will need are a reception desk, nail tables, technician stools, pedicure chairs, waiting room chairs and treatment beds. Make sure that all these elements match the interior design of the room where they will be used, but also make sure that they match each other. Even if you have different interior designs in different rooms, there should be a feeling of unity throughout the whole spa.

3. Equipment considerations

The type of equipment that you will need depends on the type of services that you plan to offer.

  • ManiPedis – You will need some some manicure and pedicure equipment. Buying the pedicure chairs will probably be the most challenging mission. Invest in pipe-less pedicure chairs, preferably with integrated massage systems. Buy from trusted manufacturers such as J&A USA, Inc. Their pedicure chairs are of top quality, and they come in different design styles, so you will surely find some that match your spa’s interior design. You will also need sterilizers, UV lamps and trolleys.
  • Beauty treatments – Sophisticated beauty treatments will require sophisticated equipment, but regardless of what services you decide to offer, you will need at least some sterilizers, some tower warmers, some vaporizers and some germicides.
  • Massages – Some massage beds are essential in any spa, but you should also consider some facial massage tables.
  • Hair removal – Any spa should offer hair removal services. For this you will need some wax and paraffin warmers. Moreover permanent hair removal is very popular nowadays, so if you want to stay ahead of the competition, you should also invest in a professional laser hair removal machine