The Best Methods to Sharpen Your Knives

The blades of knives get dull really quick. This happens very often when it comes to kitchen knives because they are put to intense use. Of course, when the blades do get dull, it doesn’t mean that the knife is completely rendered useless and that it must be thrown away, but rather that it has to be sharpened. To find out which are the best methods of sharpening the dull blades of your knives, read the following lines.

Use the Chef’s Choice 270 Diamond Hone Hybrid knife sharpener

To make sharpening the knives an effortless chore, you should use the Chef’s Choice 270 Diamond Hone Hybrid knife sharpener. This tool comes at the price of $80. It features razor sharp edges that make it very effective at its task. The 3-stage hybrid technology of this model combines electric and manual sharpening for perfect results. The first two stages are completely electric, while the third stage, which is the honing stage, requires manual operation. It’s great for dealing with the dull blades of straight and serrated knives of all types. In addition, it comes with a 1-year warranty.

Use the KitchenIQ 50009 Edge Grip 2-Stage electric knife sharpener

Another great knife sharpening tool that you can go with is the KitchenIQ 50009 Edge Grip 2-Stage electric model. It comes at the incredibly low price of $6. The innovative V-Grip bottom that it features makes it perfect for use on the edge of the table or counter. It’s very effective in its operation, and easy to use as well. In addition, it features a soft grip handle that offers you increased comfort and control when using it.

Manually sharpen the knives using the Winware Stainless Steel sharpening steel

If you want to take a more personal approach on sharpening the knives, you should use the Winware Stainless Steel sharpening steel for this task. It comes at the price of approximately $11. This stainless steel knife sharpening tool features a convenient 5-inch long plastic handle that makes manual sharpening of dull blades a pleasant chore. Also, the handle features a hanging loop that makes it easy to store the tool when it’s not in use. The sharpening blade that it comes with measures no less than 12 inches. In addition, it’s easy to clean, all that you have to do being to wipe it with a soft, damp cloth.