What You Should Know About Dehumidifiers

Have you ever wondered what exactly does a dehumidifier do? Actually, a dehumidifier is an electrical appliance which can provide a lot of health benefits. In fact, it is designed to remove moisture from the air and keep an appropriate moisture level in your home. Anyway, keep on reading, if you want to find out more information about dehumidifiers.

Do you know how dehumidifiers are sized?

If you are thinking about purchasing a dehumidifier for your home, you need to take into consideration a few things, including their size. Usually, the size is determined by their capacity to remove moisture. Most people need a dehumidifier for their bedroom or basement. Each one of these rooms has different sizes, so you need to find the right size dehumidifier. However, keep in mind to check its capacity or how many pins of water, it can remove from your indoor air in 24 hours. Moreover, you need to know that their capacity is given out for a number of square feet. Therefore, you can start measuring the room in which you want to install the dehumidifier, see how many square feet it has and you should start looking for the right unit.

Should you buy a low-temperature dehumidifier?

When it comes to a low-temperature dehumidifier, you need to know that it is able to work at temperatures below 65 degrees. This type of unit can prevent ice build-up by using an intermittent defrost cycle. The defrost cycle will shut up the compressor off as soon as the coils will become too cold. However, all you have to know about this unit is that it has the ability to remove moisture from the indoor air by condensing water vapor on a cold coil.

What is the humidity level that you should keep in the house?

Have you ever wondered why you have so many problems with mold and mildew? These types of allergens are living in your home due to the high relative humidity and they die in low humidity levels or extreme temperatures. That’s why, it’s recommended to keep the humidity level at 30 degrees. However, if you want to maintain an optimal temperature in your home, choose a low-temperature dehumidifier.