Choosing Between Inflatable and Hard-Side Hot Tubs

Owning a hot tub is a dream that we all have, that’s for sure. After sinking in its water, you will feel relaxed and happy, having fun beyond belief. If you decide that this is an investment worth making for you, then you will be confronted with a tough choice. The choice that we are talking about is to decide whether an inflatable or a hard-side hot tub is the right type for you. To make it easier for you to choose between the two, read the following lines. Here, you will find out what their advantages and disadvantages are.

Inflatable hot tubs

Due to its construction, the inflatable hot tub is a lot more flexible in terms of placement. The inflatable design allows you to set it up wherever you like, being able to move it from one spot to another with ease. The material that goes into the construction of inflatable models makes them more cushioned and comfortable as well. Another advantage that these hot tubs offer and which is worth considering is the fact that they are a lot cheaper than hard-side models. In addition, despite the fact that you might be tempted to think that an inflatable model is easy to puncture, in reality, the construction is sturdy and durable.

Of course, inflatable hot tubs have their disadvantages as well. The biggest con of investing in this type of hot tub is the fact that it doesn’t come with seats. This means that you’ll have to crouch or prop yourself up with the help of the opposite side of the tub. Also, a lot of heat is lost when using this type of hot tub because of the materials that are used in its manufacturing process.

Hard-side hot tubs

One of the biggest advantages of hard-side hot tubs is that they offer permanent seating that is built in. This means that you will get to relax and sit comfortably when using it. Also, these hot tubs offer more when it comes to features such as jet styles. In addition, the temperature of the water isn’t lost, no matter how the temperature is outside. This is all due to the sturdy materials used in its construction.

Unfortunately, hard-side models don’t offer flexibility when it comes to placement. As opposed to inflatable models, you have to find a permanent location for them because they are not easy to move. Another big disadvantage of such hot tubs is the fact that they aren’t recommended for indoor use, so you won’t be able to purchase one if you intend to place it in your home.