5 Tips for Buying the Right Snow Blower this Winter

Buying a snow blower can be a difficult choice, especially if you didn’t have one before, but once you’ll choose the right one, you’ll be able to remove the snow much faster. A snow blower is a great machine that only needs your guidance in order to remove the snow, so you can be sure that whatever model you’ll pick, it will definitely be the most helpful acquisition this winter. Therefore, don’t let the snow surprise you and read our 5 tips that will help you buy the right snow blower this year.

Consider the Amount of Snow that You Have to Remove

By doing this, you will be much closer to choosing the proper snow blower because you will only have to look for a certain type of models. So, in case you have long and hilly driveways, with regular snowfalls of 8-10 inches, you will need a two-stage gas blower. A single-stage gas blower will be the right choice if you have a moderately sized driveway and snowfalls fewer than 8 inches. Also, you can choose a single-stage snow blower if you have smaller driveways with snowfall less than 6 inches.

Look for the Noise Level

There is always a good thing to consider the noise level before buying a snow blower because many models are rather noisy. Usually, the gas-powered snow blowers can be very loud, so if you don’t want to disturb your neighbors then you should try to find a moderately quiet machine that has a low decibel level.

Don’t Forget the Clearing Surface

The type of the clearing surface is very important, so it’s better to not forget this aspect before you buy a snow blower. The gravel sidewalks and driveways are not indicated for a single-stage snow blower because the blades will pick up and throw the stones. For gravel driveway, you must use a two-stage snow blower because the auger doesn’t touch the ground. So, make sure that both you and the others are safe whenever the snow blower is in use.

Choose a Best-Seller Model

Another great tip that will help you make the right decision is to look for a best-seller model and see the reviews of those who have already bought it. Therefore, make a research and see which are the best models on the market and find out why are they so great. Usually, people who are content with their choice will let the others know about this, so you will know for sure that a particular snow blower is the right one for you. This year, among the best snow blowers, is the Honda HSS928ATD 270cc Two Stage, the Husqvarna ST224P – 24-Inch 208cc, the Honda 20″ Wide x 12″ High Clearance HS720AA or the Troy-Bilt Squall 2100 208cc 4-cycle. Look at them and maybe one of them will be the right one for you.

Try the Snow Blower Before You Buy It

By trying the snow blower you will make sure that the handlebars have the right height and the machine is easy to use around turns. Also, it’s wise to make sure that the snow blower has separate controls for adjusting the angle of the chute and the direction in order to not throw the snow back into the driveway. So, after you choose the model you want, go to a special store and make a driving test to see if it’s exactly what you’ve been looking for.