Are Hot Tubs as Beneficial as You Thought?

We all know that the hot tubs are a great way of relaxation at the end of a long day and there are many enthusiasts that do this on a regular basis. There are many advantages of soaking in the hot water and among the most beneficial ones we can mention the fact that it helps to soothe the muscles, clean the skin, eliminate the toxins from the body, and so on. However, staying in a hot tub can also have a negative impact on the body, so here we’ll detail some of them.

The Body Temperature Can Raise too Much

This is one of the most common risks when you use a hot tub and it usually happens due to the fact that you stay in for too long, which eventually leads to overheating. Whenever the body temperature raises, you are predisposed to fainting and this can be quite dangerous in a place with water. Therefore, you should limit your bathing to only 10-15 minutes and make sure that there’s always someone with you in the tub.

You Can Develop Certain Health Risks

Staying in a hot tub can also contribute to developing certain health risks, such as skin infections, heat stroke, heat exhaustion or even toxic shock syndrome. They are all very dangerous for your health, so make sure that the water from the tube is sanitized every time you use it. Also, make sure that the water looks clean and it doesn’t have a strange smell that can indicate a problem.

They are not Recommended for Pregnant Women

Pregnant women should avoid soaking in a hot tub because the hot water can raise the body temperature and so it will affect the blood circulation of the unborn baby. Therefore, it’s better that during the pregnancy period all women stay away from the hot tub, so both them and the fetus don’t develop any health risks.

The Air Bubbles Can Spread the Bacteria into the Air

Besides the possible side effects of the water inside the hot tub, there is also a chance to breathe any existent bacteria from the air bubbles. The bacteria can live in the tub’s pipes and so, whenever the jets are activated, it can get to the surface and into the air. This means that you can get infected and develop some health problems.