Paddleboarding Explodes in Popularity – When did paddleboarding become popular?

Even though paddleboarding is new in the watersports field, it has already gained popularity among people. It’s a recreative activity that can be practiced by both adults and children, as it’s easy and completely safe. You can perform it on oceans, lakes, rivers, and bays, no matter if you’re a beginner or a professional.

You can also take your loved ones with you, as there’s enough room on a paddleboard. Even pets can be entertained by this activity. If you haven’t decided to try paddleboarding yet, we’ll show you the main reasons of its popularity.

  • Ideal for families – Take your loved ones with you and enjoy new experiences on the water. Usually, paddleboards are large enough to accommodate more than just a single person. However, you can use individual boards and spend precious moments with your family while performing a relaxing activity. Actually, it’s a family-friendly sport, suitable for all levels and all ages, also ideal for kids, seniors, and pets.
  • It’s an affordable sport – It’s an activity that everyone can enjoy, as it doesn’t require too many costs. As it’s both affordable and convenient, it doesn’t need costly elements to practice it. You just need a stand-up paddleboard and a travel bag for proper storage.
  • A great way of entertainment – SUP is an excellent form to socialize with your people as there are lots of paddling clubs, meetings, events with all those who practice the same sport. This way, you’ll make new friends, share experiences and collect tips and tricks to improve your activity.
  • Brings multiple health benefits – We all know that any type of sports activity brings health benefits, so it’s the same when speaking of paddleboarding. It helps you lose weight, burn calories, and improves your body muscle. Standing up on a paddleboard requires balance, offering a complete body workout. Besides, it’s a stunning sport for cardiovascular health improvements.
  • It’s linked to nature – There’s no better opportunity to connect with nature rather than practicing this sport. You’ll enjoy all the outdoor experiences and get through stunning surroundings. You can also find new locations, follow certain paths, and explore beautiful areas that would be somehow unreachable.
  • It’s a safe sport – While paddleboarding, you won’t have to worry about risks as it’s both a safe and low-impact sport, this one being one of the main reasons it has gained so much popularity. The safety it offers makes it a suitable option for all the audience, despite the proficiency level.
  • Offers stress relief – As we spend lots of hours at work, tiredness and stress can easily install. We’re always on the go, and there are fewer moments of relaxation. If you want to get away from the daily burden and free your mind, this sport couldn’t be a more effective solution. Imagine how relaxing is to navigate on calm waters after a restless day and charge yourself with positive energy.
  • You gain surf abilities – It’s amazing how this sport offers so many extra benefits, like surfing skills, without even practicing surf beforehand. Even though they are similar sports, paddleboarding is easier and more accessible than classic surfing. However, research conducted by shows that only specific board designs provide riders the ability to SUP surf, models that feature more curve as opposed to all-around models. The boards are shorter in length, narrower at the nose and tail, and cannot reach high speeds, this design enhancing maneuverability so that you can ride waves like a pro even though you are a first-timer.
  • Take it to any level – Even though it suits all ages and skill levels, some people want to challenge themselves and get the best outcomes. Hence, you can do this only as a hobby, or take it to the next level, too. There are lots of races and surfing contests you can attend to prove your efficiency. There’s nothing more pleasant than competing with other paddlers and take your hobby to the highest level.
  • A great way to travel the world – It’s maybe the best excuse to travel as there are lots of stunning places you can visit while paddling. Take your board with you, set your favorite locations and discover them. You can go for exotic locations, as paddling has no limits when it comes to reaching the world’s most beautiful places.

All of the aforementioned reasons make this sports activity so common among people, especially as it brings lots of benefits we wouldn’t have ever thought of. It’s not just a hobby but also an excellent form of relaxation and stress-relief from the hassling daily chores.

Hoping that we’ve offered a real inspiration source, it just remains to try it and discover all the conveniences it brings to your lifestyle. Great for both body and mind, it’s also a bonding source with other paddling-fans, where you can share experiences.