How to Find the Right Keychain for Your Needs

The keychain is the type of accessory that we usually take for granted. It’s just there to hold our keys and we don’t really think much about it. It can be a simple key ring or a customized pendant that you received as a gift from a loved one. However, this object has an important purpose, and choosing the right one for your particular needs can save you a lot of trouble. Here are a few factors that you should consider when buying a keychain:

1. Size

The keychain’s size is one of the most important factors that you need to consider. It should be small enough to fit into your pocket, yet large enough to help you easily find your keys when you need them.

2. Dual purpose

Depending on your particular lifestyle, you can choose a key chain that has a dual purpose. For example, if you own a boat, you might want to get a custom floating keychain for your boat keys, so that you don’t lose your keys if you happen to drop them in the water. You can find a wide variety of such accessories at You don’t have to worry about looking for these things from store to store, as nowadays you can buy anything online. If you are a bartender or a bar owner, you could consider a key ring with an attached bottle opener. Depending on your needs, you can also choose a mini flashlight, a pill case, a supermarket trolley coin, a pen and so on. You can find a wide variety of dual purpose keychains online, so all you have to do is consider your individual needs.

3. Gadgets

With technology becoming more and more present in our lives, it is no wonder that certain people choose to use gadgets as keychains. For example, a memory stick can come in handy in many situations. Moreover, for those of you who you who frequently lose your keys, you can opt for a key locator. This is a small device that you attach to your keys. It is usually paired with a locator device or with your smartphone and it can easily help you find your keys if they are within the locator’s range.

4. Custom key chains

Customized items are very common nowadays, and they make for great gifts, but also for great advertising solutions. For example, if you run a boat renting business, you could order custom floating keychains for all the boat keys. This way, you would be protecting your boat keys, while also promoting your business.