Gate Operators Frequently Asked Questions

If we were to name something that best describes the 21st century, that will definitely be comfort. It’s hard to imagine now that we could wash our clothes by hand or walk a few miles to get water. Technology has provided us with everything we need, so why not make the best of it? A set of gates that open on their own is no longer a novelty. As a matter of fact, more and more people choose to avoid the harsh cold of the winter, the snow, rain, heat, and other weather conditions that may ruin their vibe and their look every time they need to get out of the car to open or close the gate.


 If it sounds dreamy, it certainly is. And everything you need is now at the reach of the hand, with complete kits that include the gate operators being sold at accessible prices. However, although these mechanisms are made to be user-friendly, the technology is not always easy to understand and people often wonder if they got it right. This is the reason we have chosen the most frequently asked questions about gate operators and answered them.

 How does a gate operator work?

 An electric gate operator’s purpose is to swing the gate inwards and keep it open for a while. It is activated either by a keypad, remote control or a sensor device that sends a signal to the gate operator when the gates need to be actioned. Electric gate operators can be either electromechanical or hydraulic.

 How much does a gate opener cost?

Gate openers are usually sold as part of a kit and their prices vary between $850 and up to $4,500. Depending on the complexity of the system, in some cases, the help of an electrician is required to fit everything together. Therefore, additional costs might be added.

 What is the range for an automatic gate opening transmitter?

It can vary, depending on the model, installation or external factors. Nonetheless, most transmitters can cover an area of 50 to 100 feet. For more information, we recommend checking the specification chart of the model that caught your eye.

 Do I need to ensure a separate pedestrian gate?

 If your gate opener is designed for a vehicular gate, you will need to create a separate entry for the pedestrians. Thus, you will get two important advantages. First, unfortunate accidents will be avoided, and, second, the lifespan of the gates and the operator will be increased as the traffic will be reduced.

 How far from the gate should an access device be installed (card reader)?

In order to avoid any interference with the gate, access devices should be installed at a considerable distance. This way, you can make sure that the users operating the controls do not influence the electrical opening mechanism.

 Will the wind affect my operator’s performance?

 Unless you live in a coastal area or somewhere with really strong wind, the influence should be minimal. Nevertheless, if you are concerned that the wind’s power may be too strong, you can choose a magnetic driveway lock that will keep your gate close, thus reducing the pressure on the opener’s arm.

Does my gate operator’s arm need lubrication?

You should lubricate your gate operator’s arm and chain once a month in order to increase its lifespan. We recommend you use a silicone spray which is both effective and easy to use.

 Can the auto-close function be turned off?

Most operators allow you to turn this function off, so your gate doesn’t close until you tell it to do so through your remote control or another accessory.

 What does obstruction sensing in gate operators mean?

Obstruction sensing describes the level of sensitivity at which your gate will react when it reaches an obstruction. You can set it to low or high, depending on the terrain and other external factors that are specific to your residential area.

 What does inertia in gate operators mean?

Inertia kicks in only after the gate encounters an obstacle and it refers to the level of pressure the automatic gate is expected to exert in order to overcome the obstruction. Once again, the force level can be adjusted to low or no force, if you want the gate to stop when it encounters an obstacle, or higher force if you want it to overcome minor debris.


The benefits of an electric gate opener are incontestable, and you will be able to enjoy them as soon as you decide on the perfect model. And if you are having trouble to decide, just return to our article an take a second look at the answers. Understanding the technology will make you take a well-informed decision and pick the product that fits you best.