Pros and Cons of Robot Lawn Mowers

Since they have appeared, robot lawn mowers have seen their fair share of both love and hate from those who have taken an interest in them. These robotic devices have gained a substantial popularity as they appeared due to the fact that they do the chore of mowing the lawn on their own, without requiring human interference in their operation. But are these devices really that great of an investment to make? To find out, read the following lines. Here, we will show you which are the pros and cons of robot lawn mowers.

They take the chore of mowing the lawn off your hands

The fact that robot lawn mowers take the chore of mowing the lawn off of your hands is the biggest advantage that they offer. Let’s face it, the last thing you want to do in the weekend is to cut the pesky grass that grows uncontrollably over the week. But by owning such a robotic device, you can tend to other chores or relax while it mows the lawn for you.

Quiet operation

Another great advantage of robot lawn mowers is the fact that they are a lot quieter when operating than other types of lawn mowers. This is an important aspect to take into consideration especially if you have nosey neighbors who always attract your attention when you make noise. By letting the robot lawn mower take care of the lawn for you, this chore will be done in complete silence, and your annoying neighbors won’t have a reason to complain anymore.

Time-consuming setup

A major downside to using a lawn mower, one that has displeased a lot of people who have bought this appliance, is the fact that their setup is quite time-consuming. The part of the setup that lasts the most is the installation of the perimeter guide wire. Unfortunately, it’s a step on which you can’t skip because the guide wire keeps the robotic device on the right path when mowing the lawn. Basically, it’s a limitation wire that prevents the robot from trying to mow regions of the yard that it shouldn’t enter into.

Expensive price and repairs

Of course, a major issue that people have with these robotic devices is the fact that they cost a lot of money upfront, more precisely thousands of dollars. Also, parts like blades and batteries that need to be repaired or changed once in a while are very costly as well. This withholds a lot of people from buying them, not having the necessary budget to afford to own and repair them.